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Being that you made it this far into our webpage means that you are thinking out of the box! Well done on that and a pat on the back for you! Here at Mistrys Pharmacy, we pride ourselves in being different, just imagine a world where we were all the same – it would be so boring. This pharmacy is at the heart of our community and our focus is in helping you in your recovery journey to better health. We are an independent pharmacy which means we are locally run and have the love, passion, and drive to make sure we look after you and your
families no matter what. Nothing makes us tick more than this, in the joy of others lies our own. It’s a simple fact.

Our team’s ethos is heavily centred around you – the patient. We relentlessly pursue advances in your health through care, passion and above all the relentless pursuit of innovation making us unique in helping you. Above all, our team pride ourselves in our professionalism and are
always here to help you through a friendly and supportive ethos. The commitment we have from our team puts us in an outstanding position to offer NHS and private services, whilst promoting a great standard of patient care. Furthermore, our teams have been continuously
hard at work during the pandemic to make sure our care and duty to you is never compromised. It never has. It never will.

Our Pharmacists

Having always 2 pharmacists on board means we can do so much more and not compromise on your wellbeing.

Mr Rakesh Patel has 20 plus years of pharmacy experience of all thing’s healthcare related and more. He is highly respected within the field and is an independent prescriber. Furthermore, Rakesh who is a clinical and independent prescriber has also won the highly coveted National Pharmacist of the Year title in 2011, an award which had input from patients, health boards and fellow health professionals.

We also have the highly dynamic Sanjay Solanki, who is a specialist consultant in vaccination and travel health. He also is a fitness guru, taking his time to mentor patients through health development journeys and beyond. We are two highly motivated and patient focused pharmacists who are continuing to guide the pharmacy and the team in helping to develop services to suit the needs of our people. From becoming independent prescribers to delivering revolutionary services such as antibiotics for sore throats and UTIs- to helping with weight
loss, these pharmacists along with the team are constantly adapting to go beyond and deliver services not offered before.

Please just pop into our healthcare premises and we will make sure we attain to your needs.

Alternatively, just drop us a line to find out more.